about ranch

Ranch PDX serves Sicilian/Detroit-style pizza at two locations in Portland, Oregon

 Poison's Rainbow at 344 NE 28th Street

Ranch PDX Woodlawn at 1760 NE Dekum Street

Ranch Woodlawn Menu 

Want to call in an order for for pick up at our Woodlawn location? Call us at 971-288-5187




We specialize in square, Sicilian-style, pan pizza. Our dough is crispy on the bottom, soft & chewy in the center, and is made with Northwest-grown and milled flour and imported Greek olive oil. All of our pies are built with hand-sliced, aged mozzarella, and a rich, garlicky red sauce on top in the classic Sicilian style. Our toppings are laid on generously and are designed to complement our thicker crust.



We grew up eating ranch almost every time we ate pizza. Maybe it's an Oregon thing, but we love the stuff. We make some of the best out there, fresh, in-house, from scratch. Our name is a nod to nostalgia and the joy of simple food.